About KnowMe!

WHAT IS KnowMe!?
This educational game is especially for children which started speaking their first words.
Take a photo of a person or something else you like and record some audio for that photo. The result is a photo gallery with your own voice recordings!


The created self-made gallery assists children to learn the names of family members, friends, animals and other items in their surroundings.
You will have up to 5 pages with a total of 45 photos in the full version of “KnowMe!”.
The lite Version holds one page with 9 photos and can be updated to the full version within the APP.



  • Easy navigation for children
  • Separated area to configure photos and audio
  • (full version) 5 pages with a total of 45 photos
  • (lite version) 1 page with a total of 9 photos
  • Record your own audio for each photo
  • The first page contains example photos which can be replaced with own pictures and audio.


The idea for “KnowMe!” was born when my son started speaking his first words.
On my Iphone I showed him photos with grandma and grandpa on it and he was excited about the images
and the technology.


My son found out quickly, how to navigate through the library and how to start some APP’s.
Seeing this was the starting point to develop my first Iphone APP.